*Pack 4 Sucess* Back Pack Out Reach 2019

The Back Pack Outreach has always been one of my favorite times of serviing the Lord. Excitement is in the air, people are laughing and having fun, and there is true ministry happening. Hector and I were in Peru doing a park outreach with balloons, face painting, games, and food, when we realized how effective this would in our own community. Then we went home an prayed. We gathered a prayer group and really started to seek the LORD for a vision on how when where we could reach our community with the gospel at the same time to meet a practical need they may have. As we were seeking the LORD for direction a DCFS worker informed me that before school starts parents have a need for school supplies and that we could do a back to school event inviting clinics from the DCFS. So that's how it all started. "Pack for Success Back Pack Outreach"
I've so blessed to work alongside like minded people that love Jesus and want to make him Known. That is our Goal in all we do to make Jesus the Hope of this world known to as many people as possible. 
-Diana Gonzales, Pastor's Wife 

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Something very special about helping those who need it most 

Blessed is the one who cares for the poor; the LORD will deliver him in the day of trouble, Psalm 41:1.